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Revitalize Your Body and Mind with Specialized Myofascial  Release Therapy

A unique mixture of Myofascial Release and Rolfing Techniques

Body Renewal Therapy

Myofascial Release Therapy with Lindsay Misak


What is Myofascial Release Therapy?


Myofascial pain is caused by pressure on sensitive points in the muscles that pull on your fascia limiting your body's movement. This often happens after an injury, repeated muscle overuse, or inactive use of certain muscles (ie: sitting at a desk or driving in a car for a long period of time).

Fascia is the thin connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, bone, nerve fiber, and muscle in place. 

This therapy not only works on fascia and muscles but helps to realign the skeletal body so that you are able to see an improvement in your posture and mobility. 

This is deep tissue! I am here to fix issues.

Lindsay Misak

In the early 2000s I knew Kinesiology was my passion; early on I kicked off my adventure at Arizona State University to begin my path into enhancing performance, focusing on full body mobility, range of motion and recovery. 

My passion is to perfect the performance of the body and how to support it to its full potential . Over my 10+ years of experience I curated a specific style of therapy with support from my mentor in Scottsdale, AZ.  After a decade of experiencing and perfecting the craft I have opened my first studio in 2020.

I'm very good at assessing the body and understanding your body needs.

I always begin each session discussing my assessment, hearing your issues, and how I can make you feel better in your everyday life moving forward.




Myofascial Release Therapy Session

Experience personalized myofascial release therapy with me, your dedicated therapist. I use precise pressure techniques to release fascial restrictions, enhancing your flexibility and circulation. This targeted treatment helps alleviate deep-seated tension and improves overall wellness, allowing you to rediscover your body's full potential for movement and comfort.

1hr 30 Min $225

Flat Rate / No Tip

First Time
Client Special

We offer a special first-time client service designed to introduce you to the benefits of myofascial release therapy. This initial session is tailored to your unique needs, focusing on identifying and addressing areas of tension and restriction to improve mobility and alleviate pain.

1hr 30 Min $175

Flat Rate / No Tip

90 Minutes from entrance to exit.

(80 minutes of continuous bodywork)

Please plan on 90 minutes from your time from arrival to your exit time to assure you receive the benefits of a full 75 minutes of work.

I set that time aside for you.  If you are late, please note that I will do my best but the time missed will be taken from the 60 minute session. 

** A deposit is required to hold your session, however if you contact me directly via Text 12 hours or more before your appointment, I will be happy to reschedule you or refund your deposit.





"Thank you for checking in on me after yesterday. I feel fantastic. Still have some lower back issues but I know it doesn't just get all fixed the first session. I slept great last night. I woke up with zero numbness/tingling pain in my fingertips which was shocking. No shooting nerve pain so that was ****** awesome.

There are certainly some tender spots in my upper shoulders, but in general, I feel like I am standing tall, my neck is longer, my shoulders are super low and my posture just does it perfectly on its own without pain or struggle, which is a first time in a long time/ever. I can't wait for next week's session".

~ Bonnie

Lindsay has a very natural talent for knowledge of body mechanics and being able to fix your aches and pains.

Her style is therapy with a massage technique, not like anything else you’ll experience at any other place. She truly works wonders for chronic pain and fixes whatever issues you may be experiencing.

The best thing to keep in mind… no pain, no gain!! She’s truly the best at what she does!! 

~ Danielle H.

Media Appearances

Personal Trainer to Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Underwood is an amazing Comedian, Actress, and TV host. I had the pleasure of training Sheryl on the CBS lot and she was so amazing that I give her the credit of wanting me to continue to understand the human body and take it to this level of therapy I am doing today. Please view the video to understand who I am and how I want to help people feel better and understand their bodies for better movement and health.

Guest on MMA HIIT Workout Segment

I had the pleasure of guest training on MMA Fitness with Andrew Montanez on multiple segments. I believe my knowledge in these videos shows I know how much intense physically active people put on their body, (even though they believe they are doing all the right stretching and care for their body), are in need of my therapy. I will point out areas that they are not aware of being issues to allow the active athletes to get the best rage of motion and use of their body.


Body Renewal Therapy

Myofascial Release Therapy with Lindsay Misak

609 N. Pacific HWY Suite 149

Redondo Beach, CA 90277


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